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From the moment you walk through the door of AKANKSHA HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE you will know you are welcome and that our staff is truly happy to have you.

For all your dental needs, from routine exams and cleansing to complete smile makeover our team comprises of highly motivated, experienced and professional Dentists. We provide family dental care, specializing in restorative treatments, braces, cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry. By combining the latest advances in dentistry with a unique personal touch, our team will make you and your family more comfortable than you ever thought possible. From a subtle enhancement like whiter teeth to a dramatic new look achieved through a complete smile makeover, we can help you achieve your vision of perfection. So, feel free to visit us for cleanings and routine care, and have peace of mind knowing that even the smallest restoration will be handled with expertise and precision. We look forward to serving the dental needs of your family So, If you're ready for a positive change and the renewed sense of optimism that a whiter, brighter and aesthetically pleasing smile can bring, contact us today. We have the expertise and the artistic vision necessary to achieve the outstanding results you desire. We are committed to our patients, our community and looks forward to caring for you.

DR. PRANAV ASHER   Qualification: (B.D.S., M.D.S.)
Speciality:oral and maxillofacial surgeon and implantologist
DR. MITTALI ASHER   Qualification: (B.D.S., M.D.S.)
DR. TASMAISHREE KESARIYA   Qualification: (B.D.S.)
  • Highly equipped dental clinic
  • Regular appointments for treatment and follow up
  • Treatments by specialists doctors
  • Newly accepted x-ray techniques for x-ray
  • Proper sterilization of instruments
  • Cleansing of teeth
  • Removal of tobacco stains
  • Removal of betal-nut stains
  • Cleansing of teeth
  • Removal of decay of tooth and its restoration
  • Tooth colored restorations
  • Removal of impacted third molars
  • Removal of root pieces
  • CAD-CAM zerconia, bruxile crowns of tooth
  • Periapical surgeries
  • Periodontal surgeries
  • Treatment of all types of maxillary and mandibular fractures
  • Correction of Misaligned Jaws (Orthognathic Surgery)
  • Veneering
  • Bleeching
  • Correction of spaced dentition
  • Correction of irregularly placed teeth
  • Flexible denture (complete/partial)
  • Removable partial dentures
  • Fixed partial dentures
  • Post and core restoration of tooth
  • Esthetic treatments for tooth (dental jewellery)
  • Full mouth rehabilitations
  • Smile designing
  • Treatment of TMJ disorders (Clicking,Ankylosis)
  • Treatment of Oral Cancer (Benign & Malignant)
  • Correction of irregularly shaped teeth
  • Replacement of teeth with tooth colored prosthesis
  • Replacement of missing teeth (fixed/removable)
  • Implant restorations/prosthesis
  • Painless removal of tooth (mobile/firm tooth)
  • Implant over dentures
  • Hand / rotary root canal treatment
  • single sitting root canal treatment
  • Cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries
  • Treatment of Cysts & Tumors
  • Sinus Lift Procedure