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Breast Feeding Awareness Week

  • 07 Aug 2019

Breast feeding is one of the most effective ways to provide children everywhere with the best start of life. It can mean the difference between Life and Death.

According to UNICEF, delaying breastfeeding by between 2 and 23 hours after birth increases baby’s risk of dying in its first month by 40%. If breast feeding is delayed by 24hours or more, this risk increases by 80%.


Establishing exclusive breastfeeding – feeding infants nothing but breast milk for the first six months of life – helps young children grow, preventing undernutrition, promoting brain development and reducing the risk that children will become overweight.


Akanksha Hospital and Research Institute has incorporated Human Milk bank as a part of its strategy to improve breast-feeding rates. We have collected around 1305 Litres of milk, distributed 1254 Litres of milk to 654 babies in past years. Happy to announce that, it is the only private hospital to have its first Human Milk Bank.

Not only does this investment meant more abbies get milk,but this strategy helps improve the perception of the importance of breast milk too.


It Is noted that, Surrogacy is a well accepted option of treatment for a minority of infertile women with certain clearly defined medical disorders.

At Akanksha Hospital & research Institute, in order to give neonate the advantage of breast feeding, induced lactation is done to intended mother of the child.

Induced lactation is the process by which a non – puerperal woman is stimulated to lactate.


Breast feeding is not just for biological families. With the right preparation, expectations and professional support for successful induced lactation, a mother can provide her child the amaxing beenfits of breast milk and build a stronger nurturing and loving bond along the way.


As we mark this years World Breast-feeding Week, let us commit to help every infant, dn realize the life saving habit of Breast feeding.

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